I would love to build a new house this way. Make this belgian company succeed




Founded in 2019, Gablok sells a revolutionary construction method using insulated wooden frame. In 2018, Gabriel Lakatos has patented a wooden home kit with the objective of simplifying construction and offering a simple and efficient way to build a house by yourself.

In his early childhood, Gabriel was a fan of interlocking and construction games. He worked in the field of traditional construction for 25 years and developed an insulated wooden stacking block.

After many months of research and testing, the home self-construction system was validated by engineering offices specialized in structural analysis, energy efficiency and acoustic performance.



Build your own house with Gablok

What make the Gablok concept is its insulated blocks, a customized floor system as well as insulated beams and lintels that will allow you to build the exterior and interior walls of your wooden house (self-construction structure). These items (detailed below) are required to assemble the shell of the isolated frame of your future construction. These are delivered directly to you on construction site with your installation plan.

This process makes it possible, among other things, to avoid the excess waste associated with on-site processing.

After assembling the insulated formworks, all you have left is the construction of the roof (framework + roofing) and the exterior finishing of your home with the finish of your choice (plasters, bricks, cladding, etc).

Inside your self-construction, you will start with the execution of various special techniques of our choice (thanks to the space left between the rafters) and then move on to the finishing (OSB + plasterboard, etc).

Assembling the system is extremely fast and does not require any drying time.

The dimensions of your door and window openings are known as soon as we receive your building permit. This allows you to order your external joinery in advance. Helpful in avoiding the stoppage of framework construction, those prefabricated items are time-savers.

Gablok concept is made possible through a chain of professions involved in the construction of your new home.

Want to build a home by yourself in Belguim? Gablok concept can allow you to do that !